Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Man of Honor

Man of Honor Man of Honor by Diana Gardin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Man of Honor is my first Diana Gardin book and boy have I been missing out!
I love finding new to me authors that blow me away and that's what happened with this book. I now have to go back and read this entire series as well as anything else by the author I can get my hands on.

Drake & Mea. A one night, hotter than hell hookup and then nothing.
Their best friends are getting married so their bound to run into each other regularly but Mea's made a life out of never going back for seconds. Even if it was the best night of her life.
Drake doesn't know what he did to send Mea packing right after the deed was done but he's never gotten her out of his head. Three years later and coming face to face with her takes him right back to that night.

Mea has reasons for her behavior, reasons she's never shared with anyone other than her brother. It'll take a strong man to help her work through and eventually get over her past. Drake wants to be that man. Thing is he has some issues of his own to work out.
When the past comes back to slap Mea in the face, with the life she's built and the strength of her friends be enough or will she crack under the pressure?

Loved this book, the characters will steal your heart.

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