Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review: Role Play

Role Play Role Play by A.R. Von
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ryan & Tempest have a great relationship. For the past two years everything has been unbelievably perfect. Their careers are going great, their life together seems as if it can't get better.
But it can.
Tempest want's to give Ryan a Valentine's day he'll never forget, she sets up something she believes will please him but he has other ideas.
Ryan has a history of sharing women, what Tempest doesn't know is with who.

He's seen the way she looks at Aiden and he at her, he knows he's doing the right thing.
But Aiden's a little deeper than a possible one time thing, he's in completely, but who is he in for?

Role Play is a sweet take on a taboo relationship. As is expected they face challenges as far as perception outside of their relationship that they have to learn to fight through.
They get a little help in that department, well a lot of help actually thanks to Tempest running away. It turns out her little freakout opens up doors and a support system they otherwise may not have had.
4 solid stars.

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