Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: Lyric and Lingerie

Lyric and Lingerie Lyric and Lingerie by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lyric & Lingerie is a light, fun read featuring a stubborn woman and a broken man.
Lyric is highly intelligent, she's a quirky astrophysicist who's more comfortable on her own than in groups.
Having recently lost her fiancee she receives a call about her father and rushes from a party to the airport which is where the misadventures of Lyric begin!!
Heath is hiding out. He's on a flight home but is hiding his identity. He's not ready for the questions nor to autograph yet another set of boobs.
He's about to get a shock.

Heath & Lyric have a history. Only thing is there's a major part of that history he doesn't know about.

Being reunited under the worst of circumstances with the man who destroyed your world isn't exactly at the top of Lyric's list but that's what she gets. Finding out Heath really doesn't recall the truth of what happened years ago pisses her off, but the fact that he's broken calls to her inner care taker and they end up taking care of each other.
Once their back on the ground fate seems to push them together. One sick father + the love of your life from the past + one faked engagement changes both of their lives forever.

This was my first book by the authors and I adored it. Lyric & Lingerie is well written, the story flows well and while it has a romantic story it's full of snark and fun.
4 stars.

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