Monday, February 27, 2017

Review: Love’s Wicked Ways

Love’s Wicked Ways Love’s Wicked Ways by Cheri Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Find your quiet place, take everything you'll need and prepare to be sucked in from the very first chapter and unable to put this book down until the end.

Love's Wicked Ways is a suspense filled ride through both the detective's and victim of a stalker/serial killer. Just when you think you know whodunnit you would be wrong! Well maybe, I questioned and considered the unthinkable somewhere near 70% but shrugged it off as completely impossible.......that is until the 911 call from the witness.
Best friends since childhood with twins Colin & Cadence, Skye has no one but them in her life. Colin was always there for her when things went bad at home and that didn't change as they grew up. After high school they both applied to the police department, both were made detective at the same time and are currently partners.
Meanwhile she ignores and he tries to hide the fact that they want to be partners in an entirely different sense of the word.
When a serial killer seems to be targeting Skye, Colin will once again go above and beyond to protect her, if only he knew just how close the threat was...

Love's Wicked Way's is my first book by the author but I can quickly see her becoming a favorite. I'm definitely going back and reading her previous book asap.

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