Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: Out of Love

Out of Love Out of Love by R.C. Boldt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Noelle has been through hell, having escaped and found a place to land with a great job and amazing boss; she's content. Working for Foster Kavanaugh is a dream job, they snipe at each other all day and she doesn't get fired for it, sounds perfect to me. Plus she works with all ex military, they all work well together and keep an make her feel safe while providing the most laid back work environment possible.
She knows her past finding her is a possibility but she still wasn't prepared when it reared it's ugly head.

Foster is attracted to his office manager but he'll never cross that line. First she's an employee, beyond that he's a hit it & quit it guy, no attachments, no relationships and Noelle has white picket fence written all over her pretty face.
When she starts acting strange he worries and confronts her but she tells him nothings wrong and continues to keep to herself.
When he realizes something is going on with her he keeps a closer eye on her, when he calls her after hours to check on something he knows something is seriously wrong an rushes to help her.
Once he knows the truth about her past an what's going on it becomes his mission to keep her safe which means she'll be close to him and that could be a problem.
As they get closer, open up more to each other the threat escalates and while dealing with Noelle's past his own rears up causing more problems that it usually does.

While I felt for Noelle and all she'd been through, I was begging and pleading for the author to get Foster sorted out. I couldn't stand for his suffering to continue and ruin his life. As I write this I know my words will not do this book justice, there is no way I can put into words how watching Foster try to fight his demons made me feel, how heart breaking it was to watch him struggle.
I absolutely adore this book and series, I look forward to whats to come, I'm really hoping there's something more about Hendy coming out way soon...

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