Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: Saved by the Woodsman

Saved by the Woodsman Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie Cleveland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who wouldn't want to be snowed in with a mountain man?
Ashleys spoiled butt certainly didn't think she wanted to be but boy was she wrong!
I adore Eddie Cleveland's work but Ashley worked my nerves to death. I absolutely wanted to choke her early on. Her me, me, me ways made me sick and I honestly wondered just where the author was headed with this one as I've never read such an obnoxious character from him.
Thankfully he brought me around to acceptance and finally full on liking her.
I'm not going to ruin the story with all the details but you've got a spoiled selfie loving brat and a man hiding out in the mountains to avoid his past.
She's hiding from hers as well just in a different way.
Saved by the Woodsman is the story of two people who couldn't be more different learning that they have more in common than they thought and helping each other work through their pasts.
Another great 5 star read from Mr Cleveland.

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