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Release Tour ~ Fighting for Jax by Alexandria Bishop

Title: Fighting for Jax
Series: Marlowe #4 / The Pop Punk Rockstars
Author: Alexandria Bishop
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2017 Cover Designer: Indie Solutions Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography Cover Models: JJ Butts & Kelly Fierstein

Erin Morris made a decision that would forever change her life and those in it. With fierce determination and hard work, she has found success but never forgotten where she came from and the boy she left behind. Four years later, Erin has an opportunity to right the wrongs of her past and help the one person she has always loved. 
Jackson “Jax” Hartley embodies everything expected of his bad-boy rocker persona. With success and popularity comes the ability to indulge in everything offered him - money, women, booze, and drugs. When he’s given an ultimatum by his bandmates to clean up his act or lose the career he’s dreamed of, Jax agrees to accept help from the one person who has the ability to break him. Again. 
When Erin and Jax return to her family’s ranch in Texas they’re forced to face the ghosts of their past and decide if the time apart has changed the love they once shared. They must answer a question that neither is prepared to face – Can your first love remain your true love? 
Together they are given a second chance. 
At life.
At love.
At everything.

Finding Flynn book #1 -

I don't think I've ever said this about a rock star book but this one is definitely sweet and tame. Ashtyn comes in for the summer and is super bummed about the circumstances. She meets Flynn and things start to turn around. Who knew you could meet your sole mate at 18,but she did. Flynn and his band are fresh and new, trying to get things together and get a record deal. He has some issues that he needs to work thru and thankfully Ashtyn helps with that. I liked both characters along with all the others. This was a great start to the series!

Falling for Hudson book #2-

If you've read book 1 then you know what happened to Chloe and the tragedy that caused it. Let's just say Chloe isn't handling it at all and going down a dangerous path. Thankfully Jax and Hudson are by her side. This book is ugly and sweet all wrapped into one. Chloe, I felt so bad for. I mean she lost everything and tried to push everyone away. She took the road to numbness and it took Hudson to pull her out of it. He was a saint in this book I swear. He took so much but loved Chloe regardless. My favorite part was definitely them being locked together, that was turning point that made them finally sort things and opened on how they feel for each other. This book wasn't all sweet and happy like the first one, it was alot more real and how conversation is the key to relationship. I did like how we got to see Marlowe grow as a band and make their start on the world.

Freeing Jude book #3-

So this may come out a little more harsher then my other reviews but I think it's necessary for this one.. I have a couple concerns over this book.
1) I never let their age bother me until this book. It was hard to get my mind to think like a 14 year old and really understand what life is like for Abbie. The hardest thing for me during the book is the absent parents and all the drinking that the characters did. I realize they are in the band and that's part of it but there's 14, 16 and 18 years old involved here. 2)nobody knew Abbie was spending extra time with one of assistant coaches on her off time.. I'm sorry but if my 14 yr old is hanging out with an older man, I'm shutting that down real quick.
Abbie was a your typical teenage girl. I mean you have a passion and then your family life gets rocked, you move away and have deal with all new people/kids at school. There's so much she's dealing with and Jude thankfully helped her with this. He was patient, kind and sweet to her. He was a friend to her when no one else was. He honestly is the reason I kept reading. Sure he's had a rough life and thanks to the guys he's headed into the right direction. The bands career is finally taking off and they are the opening act for many big bands. While all this is going on, Abbie is dealing with a crazy ex boyfriend who won't let go...this is turns into a scary situation that unfortunately happens way to often in schools nowadays. The author did a fantastic job of dealing with something as sensitive as PTSD. It's sad it took something like this to get her parents attention. I really loved the epilogue, I loved that Abbie got dream back and succeeded at it. While I struggled at times with this book, it turned out to be good book!

Fighting for Jax book #4-

She saved the best for last! It's no surprise that there's a history between Jax and Erin. A history that gets mentioned vaguely throughout the books.. This is where we find out what really happened that faithful day they broke up and both lived were changed. 
Jax has been the womanizer of the group, he's hiding all his issues with women and drugs. Some tough love has to happen or otherwise he's out. Erin has the solution. They have to fight, heal and work hard to make it happen. This is a second chance romance that involves times of jealousy and worry. Erin and Jax are remarkable characters and so much fun! Jax surprised me with how country he could be. I hate to say goodbye to this group but it's time.

Born in a small southeastern island in Alaska, Alexandria moved to southern Oregon early on in her life. Where she still resides with her young daughter, husband, and fur baby.
She's insanely obsessed with fashion and used to dream of becoming a fashion designer creating new outfits for her Barbie's with her childhood best friend. For now she's loving writing and fulfilling her fashion addiction with shopping.
Along with fashion, Alexandria is a big lover of music. She's always listening to something while writing and creates a playlist to go along with each book she writes. She's always on the hunt for new music and loves getting suggestions from her readers.
Alexandria spends way too much time on social media and would love for you to say hi!


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