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Review: The Fate Series Box Set

The  Fate Series Box Set The Fate Series Box Set by Emersyn Vallis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book #1 Adjournment-
Emmersyn Vallis is new to me, I never know what to expect with new to me authors as I avoid reading reviews on the book I'm going to read.
I am glad I didn't read the reviews on this one as it may have prevented me from reading it.
Yes it starts out slow, it did take me awhile to get into and the heroine is not my favorite as she's bit childish but the book redeems itself.
This story centers around the Chandler sisters and the McAllistar triplets, but is Simon and Sydney's story.
Sydney walked away from the life she grew up in, changed everything about her life. Walked away from the world of socialites and tea to become a makeup artist in Hollywood.
She has new goals and a new life but has to come home for her parents vow renewal. Home to her sisters and the McAllistar boys.
To Simon.
The boy she loved is now a man, can she handle being around the person she left behind? The only man she's ever let get close to her.

Okay so I was hard on the book in the beginning, it was a slow start and I wasn't a huge fan of Sydney, at the end I still think she was a bit childish but this book was good enough to make me want to read next in the series, and considering this one left us hanging it's a necessity!!

Book #2 Hanging Pawns-
Hanging Pawns in book 2 in the Fate Series but reads more like a prequel to the series.
Following Adjournment I was looking for some closure with book 2 but it wasn't to be.
This is a quick read that tells Mea and Josh's story.
We met them in Adjournment but didn't know too much about them.
I enjoyed their story, Mea's struggles, Josh's quiet persistence.
Other than the fact that I expected book 2 to follow book one this one was a good read. I did fall for Josh and Mea but was really hoping for Simon and Sydney in this one.

Book #3 Sacrifice-
What in the ever loving hell is the author thinking??? Yet another cliffhanger only this one is worse. I could not believe the end of this book. My kindle was thrown at the nearest piece of furniture that would not destroy it while I cursed the authors evil brain for doing this to me yet again. I've got to get to book four asap and pray this author has come to her senses and gives us what we want!! So this one starts out with Simon and Sydney basically in a relationship, something that kind of came as a shock. It seems I'm missing some pieces between books two and three, hopefully book four will answer all my questions and NOT end in a cliffhanger!! This series has been up and down for me but I've been unable to stop, I absolutely have to know how it ends.

Book #4 End Game-
The end is here, secrets are out in the open, reality is a bit different than anyone imagined but in the end everyone gets exactly what the deserve!
I waited so long to get to the end, I had read the first three books almost back to back and loved it but completely forgot about book 4 when it came out, I'm not sure how I missed it, I had to go back and refresh my memory with the end of book three going into #4 but it all came back to me in those few pages at the end of Sacrifice and I was sucked right back into Simon and Sydney's rocky relationship.

I love this series, I really adore each and every book. I can't believe I lost track of the series and it took so long for me to realize it but I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. This book is packed with suspense but it quickly begins to unravel. It's well paced and keeps you guessing and borderline begging to find out exactly who's at fault for what. Loved each and every page.

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