Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Worth the Ride

Worth the Ride Worth the Ride by Casey Peeler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Worth the Ride is my first book by the author, needless to say I've been missing out!
It didn't take long for this book to suck me in, by chapter three I was hooked and unable to put it down.
Weston is absolutely amazing. He's a great dad and an even better man. One who knows what he wants and goes for it.
Everything I loved about Weston is nothing compared to how much I loved Timber. Strong, independent and takes no crap. She's the female lead I wish I found in more books.
She thinks she knows how her life will go but isn't afraid to face the obstacles head on, even when they completely alter her idea of what her future holds.
Together their chemistry is off the charts, but their so much more than that. Childhood friends who's lives went in different directions, finding that years down the road the people they have grown into may be exactly what the other needs to be complete.
And Bryndle. She's adorable, smart and a bit ahead of her age when it comes to common sense. The girl has everyone wrapped around her finger, she's a huge part of this book.

Fast paced, sweet an a little sexy, Worth the Ride gave me a new author to love.
4.5 stars

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