Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: End Game

End Game End Game by Emersyn Vallis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The end is here, secrets are out in the open, reality is a bit different than anyone imagined but in the end everyone gets exactly what the deserve!
I waited so long to get to the end, I had read the first three books almost back to back and loved it but completely forgot about book 4 when it came out, I'm not sure how I missed it, I had to go back and refresh my memory with the end of book three going into #4 but it all came back to me in those few pages at the end of Sacrifice and I was sucked right back into Simon and Sydney's rocky relationship.

I love this series, I really adore each and every book. I can't believe I lost track of the series and it took so long for me to realize it but I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. This book is packed with suspense but it quickly begins to unravel. It's well paced and keeps you guessing and borderline begging to find out exactly who's at fault for what. Loved each and every page.

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