Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review: All I Ask

All I Ask All I Ask by Elizabeth York
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One book. All I Ask is all it took for me to love this author.
I hadn't read her prior to this book but now that I know what I've been missing I'm hitting her backlist as soon as I can!

All I Ask is the story of a woman who's life has been mapped out for her based upon her childhood. A traumatic childhood made Devan take a much different view on life that most people. She's dedicating her life to trying to help sick kids and thinks that's all she needs to be fulfilled in life.
She's wrong.

Ian is a dedicated pediatric oncologist. He works with the most heartbreaking of illnesses. He has a reason for it, his childhood made him who he is as well but he went a different route than Devan. While he may spend most of his life inside the hospital he's also aware that he needs more in his life to be fulfilled.

These two, at times I wanted to slap some sense into Devan, she drove me nuts a few times. Luckily she got her head on straight. Ian was just about perfect, other than his little secret, but most of all he was solid. He sticks, when he gets something in his head he's patient and willing to work for it.
I loved their story and am absolutely going to look up more from this author.
4.5 stars

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