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Review: NUTS

NUTS NUTS by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Scott Hildreth has outdone himself.
I've read every book in this series and have come to realize you just never know what your going to get. Each of these guys may seem like a typical badass biker, screwing their way through clubhouse whores without a care in the world but you'll soon learn that each and every one of them have something special about them. It may be something be it dark or just tragic that made them the men they are, led them to the MC or it may just be loneliness, the need for a close knit group of brothers to make him feel whole. Either way you don't know what your going to get other than one amazing read.
Nuts is Percy “P-Nut” Larsen's story, and yes he's a bit nuts.
He's also amazing. He like most people has reasons why he keeps to himself, secrets that aren't pretty. He's strong, protective and exactly the kind of neighbor I want. He doesn't trust easy, doesn't openly show emotion to anyone other than his mom (which he takes such good care of, another huge selling point for this man!!) he's a protector at his core and his neighbor is about to send that instinct into overdrive.
Joey has watched him for years. He moved in with his loud bike 7 years ago and she hasn't been able to stop watching him. They became easy friends and eventually as she got older she saw him as more than a friend, realized she was attracted to him even though he'd never see the girl in oversize baggy clothes as anything but the little girl next door. So instead she enjoys every moment in his presence keeping her attraction to herself.
Then the day comes that she's the one who needs defending and P-Nut is the man for the job.
He changes her life in ways she never expected, a freedom, a confidence she's never experienced is now hers thanks to the only man who's ever been this close.
She's changing him as well. All the things he never thought he'd have, never expected he'd want again yet he does.
These two are amazing characters, both having experienced their own pain or tragedy yet being strong enough to soldier on and make a new life for themselves.
Two of a kind, both with huge hearts and strong will make them one of my favorite couples.
We all know I love a protective man and a strong heroine, I can't stomach whiny broken women who refuse to even attempt to stand up for themselves and Joey is so not that woman. She's been through hell but she's moving on, taking zero shit and giving zero f*&ks.
5 stars.

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