Thursday, January 17, 2019

Review: Hold Me Today

Hold Me Today Hold Me Today by Maria Luis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first book by the author but it won't be my last!
Nick & Mina's story is sort of a one that got away. Mina loved Nick for years but she was the younger best friend of his sister so she was off limits to him, even if he was tempted. Years later she's in a bind and he's the only one who can help her. As much as she hates to ask he's the last resort to make her dreams come true.
When Mina comes to Nick with her request Nick realizes he can use it to his advantage, he needs a little help and Mina's perfect for it. A perfect arrangement so they both get what they need, seems like a fair trade until someone catches feelings...
Hold Me Today was an enjoyable read, I read it in one day. Didn't want to put it down until the end and even then I wanted just one more chapter.
This new to me author now has another fan!

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