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Review: Dominant Persuasions Anthology: 12 tales of D/s, where mastery meets passion

Dominant Persuasions Anthology: 12 tales of D/s, where mastery meets passion Dominant Persuasions Anthology: 12 tales of D/s, where mastery meets passion by Amy J Hawthorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Sub That Got Away by: Amy J Hawthorn-
The girl from college that he never had a shot with, the one who got away.
Now he's got his second chance but it's an anonymous encounter. Can he gain her trust when their identities are revealed?
Quick & hot with a touch of sweetness.

Out of Order by: Bella Juarez-
A Green Beret with PTSD, a widowed Domme out for revenge.
He's trying to re-acclimate to life outside of the military, taking a job a friend offers him helps calm him, give him a sense of normalcy. The she walks in.
Something about her calls to him but she's a Domme, definitely not his speed.
But when trying to protect her ends up with them in bed, does a man who bows to no one have a chance at getting the woman he wants at his feet?
Pretty hot with a touch of suspense. A great short version of Bella Juarez's military stories.

Make Believe Submissive by: Daisy Philips-
A BDSM Master finds the one for him only she's haunted. He has to take his time and be careful with her. Settling into a vanilla relationship wasn't as hard as he thought it would be when it's with the woman you love.
What happens when the woman you love starts reading erotic and BDSM stories and wants to "play" submissive?
Two people from different lifestyles find their soulmates, both willing to give something up to keep the other happy, until they realize they both want the same thing.

Under His Protection by: Doris O'Connor-
BDSM birthday surprise! Her best friend takes her to newbie night at the BDSM club and hands her off to the one man she didn't expect to see there, her sexy neighbor.
Once in his capable hands she finds she's more than interested in the lifestyle but she's also interested in the man who never brings the same woman home twice.
She's nothing like the women he's usually with so what does he see in her?
Hot as hell!!

Submitting To Temptation by: Jan Graham-
A woman who's past haunts her and a man who wants to make her his.
A patient man who sees the submissive but knows he has to take it slow or he'll never have her.
She left the BDSM lifestyle years ago an swore she'd never go back to it. After a failed marriage to a man who did nothing but put her down, how can she handle the Dominant man who want's her for his own?
This ones pretty hot too, I loved the brattiness of he heroine, her inability to let everything go all at once was refreshing. No instalove but a slower paced story of learning to trust again.

Broken by: Julia Sykes -
A woman hiding her past and a man determined to break down her walls.
This one wasn't my favorite, I wasn't a fan of Damien's determination. He seemed way to pushy to me but in the end it worked for him.

Fire and Ice by: Juliet Braddock -
Drew & Maxine are always a hot read! Maxine likes to be punished so she pushes Drew, Drew is sexy as hell and his dominance is just right. These two are explosive together, but this one also has a touch of sweetness for Valentine's day.

Submission Dance by: Lori King-
Marley is interested in being completely dominated. She wants to know if she's truly a submissive and begs her friend Killian to let her attend one of his fetish parties.
Here she runs into Lex, a dominant who hasn't taken a submissive in quite awhile. He's preoccupied mending his broken heart and raising his daughter, or he was until Marley walked in.
Finally a woman has lit the spark inside him that's been missing for so long, one night with the pretty little sub may not be enough.
You can't go wrong with a Lori King story and this one is no different! She knows just how to blend the emotional with erotica.

Yes, Justin by: Michele Zurlo -
A husband and wife have grown apart over their 15 year marriage. Kids and work took most of their time and they found they really had no time for each other anymore.
When she decides to see a Dom to get what she needs she's a bit shocked to find the man of her dreams ready and willing to do what it takes to get her where she needs to be.
This one was great, I loved the couple being able to reconnect and find new things they enjoyed in the bedroom.

Surrender Her Inhibitions by: Nicole Morgan -
Two people who met at the wrong time.
She was too broken and wasn't ready for him. When they meet again can they make it work?
I'm a sucker for second chances an what could've beens so this one was right up my alley.

In His Hands by: Raven McAllan-
This one was okay for me, it's a nice part of the anthology but not at the top of my list.

Indulge by: Sherri Hayes-
Two relative newbies to the BDSM world and their kinky getaway.
This one was pretty hot, I'll definitely look for more from this new to me author in the future.

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