Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Watching From the Shadows

Watching From the Shadows Watching From the Shadows by Samantha A. Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I'm late to the party, Watching From the Shadows is my first in the Trident Security Series and by the author.
I now have ALOT of catching up to do!!

Marco and Harper's story sucked me in, I could not put it down and found myself up long past my bedtime refusing to sleep until I finished the book.
I'm sure having read the previous books would have given me a little more background on Marco and his friends/co workers/brothers, but I found it easy to fall into, there was no confusion from not having read the previous books though I really want to now that I've been introduced.

Marco is a confirmed bachelor and a Dominant. His past leaves him wanting nothing to do with family, no kids, no wife. He's content spending his time with work and subs. Until a phone call concerning his sisters best friend an his one night stand, turns his whole world upside down.

Harper has been raising her daughter alone since her birth, her father wanted nothing to do with them after finding out she was pregnant. She should have expected it given his absolute refusal to ever marry or start a family.
Now Harper has another problem, someone's after her. She doesn't know why she was attacked, can't imagine how anyone could find her, and now she's coming face to face with a past she never thought she'd see again.

There are secrets between these two, none of which I'll spill, I hate spoilers!!
Tied to each other by a shared past, their future is undetermined. Someone want's Harper dead but it's not someone any of them expected.
Marco an the men & women of Trident Security struggle to find who's behind the attacks on Harper, will they discover the truth before it's too late?

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