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Shredded To Pieces by S. Donahue ~ Blog Tour

Title: Shredded To Pieces
Author: S. Donahue
Photographer: Jessica Anhalt 

“I thought love would last, boy was I wrong. I gave my heart, my everything, to have it shredded to pieces. I didn’t think it would ever beat again, that was until I met Marco. To complicate things even further, my new roommate, Drew, came into the picture. My heart that was shredded is now torn. Who do I choose…the one guy who I will be safe with or do I take the ultimate risk? One thing is for sure, someone will end up hurt in the end.” -Molly
S. Donahue’s novel, Shredded to Pieces, is about lost love, lust and friendship. When they all come to the surface, decisions need to be made. Can Molly find happiness once again? Will she make the right choice? Shredded to Pieces coming soon to an online bookstore near you!

4.5 stars
Molly's entire world is shattered.
When she married she expected what most expect, a great life with a great man. 
Until that man gradually takes over every aspect of your life.
Giving up nursing school just before finishing because he wanted her to stay home, then graduating to full on control of her. She sat home cooking and cleaning, trying to make him happy only to be abused and cheated on.
When she's had all she can take and wants a divorce, her sister hires the hottest one she can find, Marco.
There's no denying Marco is attractive. He's commanding in the court room but on Molly's side trying to make the process as easy for her as possible.
Marco isn't a relationship kind of man, he's a bit hard to deal with at times but has a good heart.
He's drawn to Molly like no other woman, he knows his timing sucks but he wants her, and that want becomes more. Initially he's pushy, but tries to reign it in. But Molly's going through a divorce, she's trying to find herself and get her life back on track, there's no room for more heartbreak and that's all she sees Marco as.
Enter Drew. Molly needs a roommate and she couldn't have found a more perfect one. Drew is by her side day and night, anytime she needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to sit quietly and reflect on their day. He's a gentleman and doesn't push Molly.
Drew and Molly become very good friends, as much as Marco hates it this is something that Molly needs. She needs to feel comfortable around a man, she needs to fee safe and free to live her life and Drew gives her all of this.
Drew's hiding his feelings, until the moment he can't anymore and tells her he feels a connection. That he will wait for her to decide but wants her to know he is an option.
Molly is attempting to get over a horrible marriage and now has two men who want her.
Who will she choose? 
Marco the powerful, sexy attorney, Drew the sexy as well as strong and stable roommate, and then there's the Molly she's still working towards becoming.
Too much for one girl to take? Maybe, but just maybe she'll come out of this the woman she was meant to be, the woman she was on her way to becoming before she said I Do.

This was an enjoyable read, I initially loved Marco and then he seemed too pushy, then Drew came in and was as sweet as he was I distanced myself from Marco even more. Then things happened that brought him back into the game. It felt a bit like tug of war for me, going back and forth between Drew and Marco trying to weight pros vs cons, not that it mattered since the end of the book was already written!! 

Loved Molly, Marco and Drew. I read this one in one day, I couldn't put it down.

S. Donahue is a romance author who resides in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, with her husband and their four-year-old son. She has two book series entitled The Heart Series and The Boston Kirkpatricks, a holiday romance titled One for the Holiday, and a stand- alone titled Provoked. She is currently working on several novels to be released, including the follow up to the newly released title Shredded to Pieces.
When she is not writing, Donahue loves shopping, reading, and spending time with family. She loves to connect with her readers, so feel free to find her on Facebook or visit her blog at

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