Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Living for the Badman by Hayley Faiman ~ Amazon Review Tour

Title: Living for the Badman
Series: Russian Bratva #4
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Ashley Riggs' life was forever changed when she was only seventeen years old. Thrust into a world of darkness, scarred at the hands of many, and left abandoned in a cage, her hope is found in the man who rescues her from the clutches of hell. Day by day, he breathes life into her, and her heart becomes his. But when she longs for more, her savior turns his back on her, insistent that he cannot give her what she wants.
Yakov Chekov is certain that evil runs in his veins. Direct descendant of the late Ivan Chekov—the poison that infected the Russian Bratva in ways that cannot be forgiven, and the father he murdered in the name of justice—Yakov fears he cannot love as a man should. Yet, try as he might, pushing away his sweet girl, in order to protect her from himself, proves to be impossible.
When neither time, nor distance, can eradicate the love they harbor for one another, they must both ask themselves what it is they truly want—and what, as well as who, they are willing to sacrifice to be together. Yet, through it all, Ashley knows one thing for sure. Her heart is tethered to one man—one badman who makes life worth living.

It's no surprise that I love this series of books but I was sadly disappointed in this one. I realize there's a way a Russian mafia man has to carry himself and a certain way for his woman to act as well. I can say with all honesty, I didn't care for Ashley. I realize she's been thru hell and back in her short life but she has no backbone. She caves every time Yakov talks. She was getting strong but then threw it away for him. None of the other wives were like her and I loved them. I had my doubts about Yakov. I thought at first he just told her all the those to keep control over her but reading the end, I realize he truly wanted kids and the family life with her. I will say that this book was hard to read. I had urges of smacking Ashley and wanting to tell her to grow some balls and stand up for herself. Yakov rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. He was so afraid of being like his dad that he treated Ashley horribly. She had a chance to start over and was finally doing it but then he walks in and she caves. I wanted more of a fight from her and make him grovel and woo her a bit. Also I thought Mika was really good for her and would have made her stronger smarter woman. I swear every time I turned page after page of this book, I got more frustrated with it. The ending was sad and sweet. Knowing me I'll read the next book just because I love these mafia books.

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