Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Fail to Fight

Fail to Fight Fail to Fight by Maci Dillon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ten years ago Chloe & Will had it all.
The perfect relationship, they were engaged, so in love with each other.
Until one night.
One misunderstanding was the catalyst for Will doing something he could never take back.

Chloe is lost without Will, she doesn't understand why he won't come to her. She's forgiven him for what happened yet he never comes.

Ten years later he's found her.
The woman he loved with every fiber of his being, the woman who holds his heart.
And now he has to face her, face what he did and what happened to them in order to move on emotionally.

At this point things do not go how I expected them to. I'll never personally understand how Chloe did what she did. Maybe I'm too selfish, I just could not have been her in this book.
And Amanda. That woman is a saint. The amount of love in her heart overcame everything else. She may be my hero through all of this, even though I know I could never be her.

I was a little sad but more lost. The end of this book was heartbreaking yet freeing. There's just way too many mixed feelings.
What I had hoped would happen did not.
What I expected to happen did not.
What does happen left me wondering just who got what they needed.
Will got his closure.
Chloe seems to have (but I reserve judgement for book 2!)
Me, not so much.
I'm unsettled and seriously in need of the next book.

Fail to Fight is a quick read that's hooks the reader and refuses to let you go until the very last page, and that page may leave you ready to beg for the next part of the series.

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