Friday, November 25, 2016

Review: Two Three Four: The Complete Trilogy

Two Three Four: The Complete Trilogy Two Three Four: The Complete Trilogy by S. C. Daiko
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They started as two....

Max is Lauren's boss and her Dom via Skype. Their relationship is about to change though as she's leaving Seattle for Rome where she'll stay with Max.
Steve will also be staying. He's another employee hired to work with Lauren on an important project that ends up being much more important that initially thought.
Lauren is happy with Max until Steve shows up. Now she has an overwhelming need to have both men. She wants both men in her bed, but when fantasy becomes reality what will change between this trio.

It took me a bit to warm to the characters but once I did the story took off for me. They manage to overcome some issues with the public opinion of their relationship and come out stronger. I'm looking forward to Four to see what new challenges the trio faces and if they can survive together.

Then there were four.....

It's over. I'm sad but I'm glad. I NEVER expected such an emotional read. After falling head over heels for Max, Steve and Lauren in Three I had no idea what would happen in their attempt to become four, but I didn't expect what I got.
While Three was the story of how they came to be, how they worked out their relationship and the rest of the world could just deal it was easy to read.
Four was not.
Four left me balling numerous times, it ripped my heart out and made me put the book down and walk away. Everything was a blur, I could not read for the tears in my eyes and the hurt in my heart, the need to scream at the author and ask her why was strong. S.C. Daiko I may have cursed you so I apologize (err maybe not I mean you did destroy me) even though you gave me a light at the end of the tunnel I'm still not over this one. I can't be okay with what happened yet, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye and certainly not in that manner.

Three was a great book but Four, Four crossed every possible emotion, drug me deep into a pit of despair and then showed me the light.
Not that I'm unhappy with what that light brought to the story, it's what was lost that I can't get over. I'm so not okay with this, it's been days since I finished reading and I'm still heartbroken.
Just when I thought I couldn't cry another tear I would start full on ugly crying. Thank you for making me a puffy, red faced crybaby in front of my kids!!

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