Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Love, Lies & Crime Anthology

Love, Lies & Crime Anthology Love, Lies & Crime Anthology by Kimberly Blalock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I went into this anthology so excited, 12 stories from some amazing authors. Some I adore and a few that were new to me.
Each story reads as a short story or novella, a few do end in a cliffhanger leaving you scrambling to add the book to your TBR before you move on to the next novella and forget.

Shutter Speed by Freya Barker.

This one was pretty quick and I so enjoyed the fact that these people were middle aged, not 20 somethings. A woman takes over for her father and ends up in the middle of an FBI investigation.
While the sexy loner at the campground gets close to her and becomes her protector.

Twist in Fate by Danielle Jamie

I adore Danielle Jamie, and while time travel is not at the top of my must read list she may have put it there with this one.
Just when I think I have it figured out it ends on a cliffhanger!

Sinner by Katheryn Kiden

This one starts off with someone obviously mentally unstable killing off high class escorts.
The heroine in this story is mixed for me, I can't quite love her but I don't yet despise her either.
She has one man who would give her the world and another I'm not sure about yet but I do believe he's about to play a huge part in the rest of this story.

Breaking Black by Addison Kline

This one reads really quickly. A jailbreak puts 37 of the most vicious MC members back on the street to seek revenge against the people who not only put them away but took out half of their club and destroyed all of it's property.
There's so much packed into this short little read that it's over before you know it but it's told one heck of a story.

Blind Disillusion by Jesse Lorenzo

Elizabeth found her prince charming in Carter, but she's also got a stalker
Messing with her isn't enough, he's got to get inside her head.
Ugh this one was a complete mind screw. I so did not see the ending coming.

Exacting Vengeance by Amy Santiago

Natalia is summoned from her downtime to head overseas for a mission only she's qualified for but is not sanctioned. Meaning if something happens nobody is going to take the blame.
Once there she realizes why Captain Lizardi has sent her but it's not what she expected.
Something is very wrong and it's not on the enemy side, it's on her side, in the men she has to depend on to keep her alive.

Mantis by Courtney Shockey
Lovers with a secret. These two lure in a man, enjoy their time with him and then off him.
What happens when a man catches on and assists them one night?

Little Temptations by Madison Street
A MMA fighter suffers a huge loss, drinking it off at the hotel bar he's taunted by a handful of men. One fight later he's in need of an attorney, only what he gets is not what he was expecting.C

His to Take by Melissa Toppen
Chloe awakens afraid with her arms tied behind her back. She's been kidnapped in order to pay off a debt. The way to do that is to break her, train her and sell her as a sex slave.
The trainer she's given to turns out to be not quite what she expected.

Dirty Secrets by Silla Webb
This by far was my favorite. I've read the Buried Secrets series and reading Josh's twisted story was the perfect way to end this anthology. Now I want to go back and re read the entire series!

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