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Two Three Four: The Complete Trilogy by S.C. Daiko ~ Release Blitz

  Title: Two Three Four: The Complete Trilogy (Menage Erotic Romance)
Author: S.C. Daiko 
Genre : Menage Erotic Romance

Max Conti. One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome. Hot as f*ck and my boss.
Why am I crushing on him?
I don’t do crushes.
And I definitely don’t do falling in love.
But when Max proposes a “friends with benefits” relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can’t resist.
And then there’s Steve. Open to anything and a total hunk.
I shouldn’t want two men in my bed.
Except I do want them.
I want them so bad I can’t keep my head straight.
It’s lust, simple as that. No strings… just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sex.
I can handle that.
Sure I can.
It’s no big deal.
It’s not like I’m gonna fall for them or anything, right?


Sexy Italian Max has the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren when she leaves her life in Seattle behind to work for his company in Rome, Italy. There she’ll meet gorgeous Englishman Steve, and soon crazy ideas start to form in Lauren’s mind about having both men in her bed. When Lauren’s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to such heights of kinky pleasure she never imagined possible. So what could possibly go wrong?


TWO THREE FOUR includes the never before published prequel, TWO, an updated version of THREE, and FOUR. A panty-melting emotional read. 18+only. And, for a limited time, at the special price of $0.99 (Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.)

Max puts his arm around me, and I reach up to run my fingers through his hair. His tee is stretched tight across his pecs, his chest hard against my breasts, and his kiss is hungry, demanding. He holds me tight, one hand at the nape of my neck, the other on my shoulder. Groaning, he relaxes his hold. “Steve,” he says. “You may kiss Lauren.”
Steve chuckles. “With pleasure.”
And my heart leaps. Fucking leaps.
Steve kisses me, his hand grazing the top of my thigh. I close my eyes and daringly flick my tongue into his mouth. His stubble scratches my lips and he tastes of sin and scotch. I can’t believe this is happening, but then they’re both kissing me, their lips hot and wet, and I do believe it. Two needy tongues capture mine, one after the other, hard and deep. I pull away, gasping, my lips swollen.
Max unbuttons the back of my dress. It falls open at the front, revealing my flimsy strapless bra. He pulls down the cups, my breasts spring free, and he runs his thumbs over my nipples. “Bellissimi.”
Thrilling sparks shoot towards my pussy. I roll my shoulders, and he draws my left nipple into his mouth, biting down and making me yelp.
“Assist me, Steve,” he says, leaving my tit stiff and desperate.
“Yes, sir.” Steve catches both my wrists in a single-handed grip, then reaches out with his free hand to squeeze my right breast while Max draws my left one into his mouth again. And I want to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.
But I’m definitely awake, I realize when it’s Steve who pinches then rolls my nipple backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards between his fingertips, matching Max’s sucking rhythm on my other breast. “Oh, that’s nice,” I whimper.
Steve touches my cheek. “You’re so lovely, Lauren.”
I part my lips, taking in two of his fingers and swallowing them to the back of my throat. I meet Max’s eye, and he nods.
Reaching down, I unbuckle Steve’s pants. He pulls them off, steps out of his boxers and unbuttons his shirt.

They started as two....
Max is Lauren's boss and her Dom via Skype. Their relationship is about to change though as she's leaving Seattle for Rome where she'll stay with Max.
Steve will also be staying. He's another employee hired to work with Lauren on an important project that ends up being much more important that initially thought.
Lauren is happy with Max until Steve shows up. Now she has an overwhelming need to have both men. She wants both men in her bed, but when fantasy becomes reality what will change between this trio.

It took me a bit to warm to the characters but once I did the story took off for me. They manage to overcome some issues with the public opinion of their relationship and come out stronger. I'm looking forward to Four to see what new challenges the trio faces and if they can survive together.

Then there were four.....
  It's over. I'm sad but I'm glad. I NEVER expected such an emotional read. After falling head over heels for Max, Steve and Lauren in Three I had no idea what would happen in their attempt to become four, but I didn't expect what I got.
While Three was the story of how they came to be, how they worked out their relationship and the rest of the world could just deal it was easy to read.
Four was not.
Four left me balling numerous times, it ripped my heart out and made me put the book down and walk away. Everything was a blur, I could not read for the tears in my eyes and the hurt in my heart, the need to scream at the author and ask her why was strong. S.C. Daiko I may have cursed you so I apologize (err maybe not I mean you did destroy me) even though you gave me a light at the end of the tunnel I'm still not over this one. I can't be okay with what happened yet, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye and certainly not in that manner.

Three was a great book but Four, Four crossed every possible emotion, drug me deep into a pit of despair and then showed me the light.
Not that I'm unhappy with what that light brought to the story, it's what was lost that I can't get over. I'm so not okay with this, it's been days since I finished reading and I'm still heartbroken.
Just when I thought I couldn't cry another tear I would start full on ugly crying. Thank you for making me a puffy, red faced crybaby in front of my kids!!

S. C. Daiko, aka Siobhan Daiko, lives with her husband and two cats in northern Italy, in a converted artist’s studio with beautiful views across the Venetian plain. Originally from the UK, where she was a languages teacher, Siobhan occasionally leaves her writing cave when she has visitors, and likes nothing better than plying them with Prosecco and introducing them to the dolce vita. An avid reader of all genres of romance, she loves writing about strong heroines who know what they want, and hot alpha males with loving hearts.

S. C. Daiko writes historical fiction under the name Siobhan Daiko.

She loves to be stalked, and you can find her on 
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