Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: The Devil's Highway

The Devil's Highway The Devil's Highway by Golden Czermak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gage and his team must race against time, searching for a beloved teammate who is held in the barbaric clutches of the Noctis.

Meanwhile, Dajjal has entered frozen wastes beyond the Door in the Mountain, searching for the Crown of Immortality. The inhabitants of that realm are unwilling to part with their greatest treasure, challenging the demon to take it by force.
He gladly agrees.

Deep in the shadows, other powers long neutral are now hard at work, watching the events along The Devil’s Highway with great interest.

And once again Golden Czermak has shown me that I am in fact a fan of paranormal/fantasy books.
Prior to this series it was rare for me to touch anything PNR and certainly not fantasy, but this author changed that. Now I eagerly await the teasers, the next blub, the next book in this series because I am well and truly hooked.

Journeyman #4 has the team on the hunt to get Joey back.
They are assisted by others on this journey while Dajjal comes face to face with failure and the possibility of losing his life.

There's so much going on in book four. Seeing what happens with Joey made me cringe, I wanted to beg for his suffering to end. I'm not sure where the author comes up with this stuff, there's a very dark corner of his mind that loves to make us squirm.

As always the brash yet lovable Gage keeps us on our toes with his banter and snark, while Marcus comes to terms with his grief and it turns to anger and the need to avenge Joey.
I may never tire of this series, and though I know it must come to an end I know I'll miss the journey but I do look forward to the end, I'll just have to re-read the series again and again!

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