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Review: Shoot The Moon

Shoot The Moon Shoot The Moon by Jani Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shoot the Moon is book 6 in the Scorpio Stinger MC Series and while it can be read as a standalone I highly recommend this series from start to finish. Each book is so damn good!

This is Razor's book, whom I looked forward to for quite awhile.
He's damaged, the ultimate bad boy. So much so that he scares Lexi who pretty much doesn't scare at all.
He wants her.
She wants another.
It just so happens the one she wants doesn't even see her, but he's also Razor's biggest competition in the club so he intends to get his hands on Lexi, make her his and one up Ryder all at once.

But it's not that easy when the woman you want only has eyes for another man.
A man who's taken and looks right through her as if she doesn't exist.
She's stubborn and refuses to see Razor.

I hated Lexi in the beginning.
My God she's a self serving bitch.
The fact that she would try to screw over her cousin, her family, one of few people who tolerate and even support her, to try to get her cousins man gave me plenty of reason to loathe her.
Add to that the fact that she has a man willing to move mountains for her and all she can do is put him down, give him hell and basically disregard him altogether.
I can't remember the last time I detested a leading lady as much as I did Lexi. She made my blood boil, I wanted to beat her to death myself.
Thankfully she grows as the book goes on and eventually becomes a better person.

Razor I adored from the beginning. His cockiness is a huge part of his charm, what made me root for him was seeing his heart above his hate or need to prove himself.
He's damaged but he's not broken, he refuses to give up on the things he wants and he too grows as throughout the story.

Shoot the Moon brought me back to a series it seems I've been too long without re-reading, brought back characters I love and some I didn't.
While I was rooting for Razor I was also wanting Lexi knocked down a few notches.
This book is beyond filthy, it's so freaking hot you'll need ice! Razor may have just become my favorite Scorpio Stinger brother!

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