Thursday, January 5, 2017

Release Blitz - The Way Back by Lilly Mirren

Title: The Way Back
Series: Emerald Bay #1
Author: Lilly Mirren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 2, 2017


Nothing’s turning out the way I’d planned.

I’d given up on winning back my cheating husband, swallowed my pride, and returned to the sleepy beachside town of my childhood, Emerald Bay.

A chance to forget the pain of divorce, and make a fresh start. A chance to find the person I used to be.

I didn’t expect to run into my high school boyfriend. The one that got away — the first big regret of my adult life. I didn’t expect him to look so good, or to be so lost. He was in pain, and I was in no shape to help him. 

I wasn’t looking for love. I couldn’t take another heartbreak. I just wanted to find myself, or at the very least some kind of peace. But a love like ours is hard to shake, even after so many years apart.

I never thought I’d get a second chance at happiness. A second chance with Finn. I just wanted to find the way back to the person I once was. 

But maybe… just maybe… he was the way back.

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I had high hopes for this one and I feel kinda let down. I felt like things were a bit rushed and the author added unnecessary plot when I don't think it was needed. I felt like Finn and Eleanor 's story could have been made into two books. This book could have been them getting over the heartache and getting to the point of dating each other. Then slide into book 2 and have their relationship blossom over time. I liked Finn and Eleanor but they had some major heartbreak to overcome and to jump as fast as they did into it, I felt was wrong. I know Finn had 3 years to mourn and Eleanor's was recent. The kids were great and like how she portrayed Eleanor's oldest daughter especially towards her dad. That's exactly how a girl her age would act in that situation. I didn't think it was necessary to bring back the ex and his gf,other then to prove she was fully over him. I liked the book but I feel like it could have been spread out more. I don't know what the author will do in the next book by I'm not sure I'll be reading it.

Author Bio

Lilly Mirren lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and three small children.

Lilly always dreamed of being a writer, and is now living that dream. She is a graduate of both the University of Queensland, where she studied International Relations, and Griffith University, where she completed a degree in Information Technology.

When she's not writing, she's chasing her children, doing housework or spending time with friends.

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