Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: Fractured Breaths

Fractured Breaths Fractured Breaths by Zoey Derrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fractured Breaths is Becca's book, if you've read the authors work you'll remember her as Ireland's best friend from Irresistibly Undeniable.
Her story is one of pain and heartbreak, distrust and horrific circumstances that made her who she is.
Bryan is a country music star. He's in the inner circle of friends via Ireland, when he meets Becca he wants to protect her, he also wants her in his bed.
Their first meeting she goes by Sorcha, a stripper who dances for him.
Their second meeting is a bit more relaxed with more clothing at a private concert. Before she can run out feeling out of her element he stops her and keeps her at his side through the night.
After a night together she runs, of course he doesn't really help as he treats her just like all the others in the end.
But she knows she screwed up an wants to apologize. Only that takes a little longer than she thought it would.
Eventually they get their heads on straight an try to make a go of it. But now Becca/Livia/Sorcha's past has caught up to her. She, Bryan and Liam work to rid her of her problems but unearthing the past that took her father from her and sent her straight into hell.

I love Zoey Derrick and while this was quite a bit different from her other books I've read I enjoyed it. I wasn't a huge fan of Bryan initially, he took a bit for me to warm up to but in the end I loved him. Another great read by this author.

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