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Review: Navy SEAL Bad Boy

Navy SEAL Bad Boy Navy SEAL Bad Boy by Eddie Cleveland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eddie Cleveland has a way of making you fall for his bad boys almost immediately.
Though as far as bad boys go, these are pretty good men!

This is Jake's story and can be read as a standalone. Having read the previous two books I do recommend reading them all in order.

Jake & Holly meet in rehab.
He's there for a mistake he made, one made trying to hide from his demons.
Holly after having lived through five years of hell got out but needed rehab to get her head on straight. She's in rehab for herself but it's also a good place to hide out for awhile and regroup.
It's not all sunshine & puppies for these two. Initially Holly has issues with Jake, one of those being her attraction to him. They get off on the wrong foot until they realize just how much they have in common.
While both are fighting to get stronger they get close and by the time their 2 months are up they are inseparable.
Once in the outside world they face the challenges they spent two months in seclusion from.
Jake battles his nightmares and the possibility of relapsing. While Holly is fighting her past, her past is coming for her and she needs Jake to keep her safe but while he's fighting his own demons can he be the man he promised her father, the man who would kill to keep her safe?

I loved these two. The fact that it Holly was snarky and take no crap from Jake in the beginning made me love her. After what she'd lived through seeing her grow and try to get stronger was a beautiful thing.
An Jake.
I couldn't not love this man. He may have his issues but deep down he's a protector with a huge heart that was just waiting for the person he was meant to love to help him work through his problems and eventually find a way to give back.
PTSD is no joke, it's real and affects everyone differently. And by everyone I mean those who are close to and those who love the person suffering as well. This book gives us a glimpse of that, we see Jake's nightmares affect his relationship with Holly. But we also see what the love of a great partner can do.

Once again Eddie Cleveland has blown me away. As much as I loved his first two books, this one has to be my new favorite.

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