Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: Bear to Have and Hold

Bear to Have and Hold Bear to Have and Hold by Amy Lamont
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just adore the Alaskan Den Men series and Trent's story is one of my favorites!
A werebear who's yet to find his mate. He spends his days running outdoor adventures and spending as much time as he can outside and away from town.

Kayla comes to Kodiak to scout locations for her best friends sister's wedding she's planning.
She didn't want to come, wouldn't have for anyone else considering her past and her fear of werebears but she took a chance and that chance led her to Trent.

Just when things seem to be headed in the right direction she finds out who Trent really is and runs as fast as she can away from him, not explaining her fears. Trent in turn goes a little wild at losing the woman who is to be his mate.
Looks like it's all on Kayla to man up an fix it or lose the only man ever meant to hold her heart.

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