Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence Sound of Silence by Elizabeth Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew going in this was going to be emotional so thankfully I was prepared to hide out with a box of tissues while everyone was at school and work, reading this book in one sitting with no outside interruptions.

Caden and Piper have both been through the wringer.
Caden held his best friend Justin as he bled out and it's something he can't get over, something he blames himself for every single day. This makes each day a struggle for him and each night he relives that pain.

Piper is Justin's fiancee. She's also about 9 months pregnant and on her own barely making ends meet living in a run down shack. That's so far from the norm for this girl, she came from money but it had strings attached and she didn't want to be anyone's puppet, especially her parents.
When she met Justin it was a high speed race to the finish line. They flew through falling in love, getting engaged and expecting a baby within a few short months, then he was back on active duty. Caden promised her he'd bring him home but that was a lie.

Caden has a promise to keep to his best friend, even if he struggles with right and wrong, the past and present, loss, grief and blame he still has his end of deal to hold up and he's determined to do so. He never expected anything more than that but what he gets is everything.

Emotional, highly engaging, Sound of Silence will keep you glued to it's pages just waiting to see what will happen next. As heartbreaking as the story was it was also healing, the perfect blend making it an exceptional read.

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