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Guiding Fate by Tamra Lassiter Role of Fate #4 
Publication Date: May 11, 2016 
Genres: Contemporary, Romance


Melanie Woodside, ER nurse and single mom, has endured suffering of her own. Her ne’er-do-well husband bailed after learning she was pregnant with their first child. Now he’s back and threatening her new life. When a hot Marine moves in next door, Melanie has more than enough on her plate, without trying to heal her new neighbor as well. But a handsome man battling the wounds of war is hard to resist, especially when he and her son take an instant liking to each other. And having him close makes her feel safer. Will Everton is a hero of the Iraqi conflict, according to the Marine Corps, his friends, and his family. The problem is, he feels more like a mess. Plagued by headaches and nightmares, Will just wants solitude to glue his wounded psyche back together. That means keeping his distance from his pretty new neighbor. But when her son refuses to recognize the boundaries between Will’s house and his own, neither Will nor Melanie can resist a little boy’s pleas for togetherness. If Will’s presence deters Melanie’s ex, all the better. Can Will trust himself to be the strong, steady man they need? And can Melanie trust herself not to repeat the mistakes of her past? Fate brought them together … will it be enough to keep them here?

4 stars
This was such a great book! It's one of those heart felt, feel good kinda books. Will, Melanie along with Michael and their very supportive family/friends make this book. I have to say, my favorite character was definitely Granny. She is a hoot!!!! Getting beat up at bingo for winning the most money, I love it!!
What I love most about this book is even though both characters are struggling in their own ways, they still manage to see the good in life. Melanie, is dealing with being a single mom to Michael, her job and having her ex coming around. Will, is an ex marine who is suffering from PSTD, and needs a change of scenery. He can't stop the nightmares from what happened over seas. Melanie eventually helps with that. With the help of his meedling aunt and Melanie's neighbor, they strike up a friendship and includes her son. He steps into the role of the father perfectly. With Melanie's ex coming around, Will shows her how much he truly cares about her and makes her take her guard down even more. This is such a beautiful romance filled with so many funny. sweet and even some bad moments. I so enjoyed reading this story!! I should probably pick up book 1-3 soon


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About Tamra Lassiter


I live outside Washington, D.C. with my wonderfully supportive husband and two daughters, one of which is approaching her teenage years. Help us all! If that isn’t enough, we have a Great Dane and an English Bulldog to keep us on our toes. It’s crazy around here, and I love every minute of it! Writing is my third career. I didn’t set out to be a writer, it was just meant to be. My Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech prepared me well for my first career as an Engineer/Program Manager. My second career was in Human Resources. Long story, but I figured it out. I believe the best start for a writing career is to be a reader first, and I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I’ve loved to read ever since I picked up my first Nancy Drew mystery in the fourth grade. Now, I love reading just about everything, but I don’t read sad books. I don’t watch sad movies either for that matter, no matter how many awards they’ve won. Life’s too short, and who needs all that strife to bring us down? Many of my words have been penned late into the evening, which explains why I’ve never viewed whatever television show you recommend to me. I would, however, love to hear your recommendations for a great read!


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