Monday, May 30, 2016

Review: Savage Sacrifice

Savage Sacrifice Savage Sacrifice by Kathleen Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm a huge Savage Angels MC series fan, I've loved each and every book and looked forward to the next.
Until I first read the blurb for Savage Sacrifice.
This one scared me, the idea that Kat & Dane could possibly not make it.
As much as I didn't want to read about their struggles at the same time I couldn't not read it, it's a Savage Angels book, it's a Kathleen Kelly book which means must read no matter what.

Kat an Dane are meant to be, fated, whatever you want to call it. From the first time they met you just knew they were the happily ever after you look for in a story. Until they weren't.
When we last heard about them Dane was kind of doing his own thing, not giving a bit of attention to Kat, probably the first time I can recall being disappointed in him. We pick up with Kat on tour and Dane surprising her, only things don't go as planned and all hell breaks loose between the two of them and a few others.
While Dane has to try to save his marriage he also has another MC and a drug kingpin to deal with.
Meanwhile Kat's a bit blind to the attentions of another man. Kat's always been smart, I hated that she didn't see what was right in front of her. This leads to even more problems between the couple.

Seeing their relationship in turmoil and the work they had to put in to try to save their marriage reminds us all that relationships do take effort, yes I'm careful to phrase it as effort as this is my favorite line from this book:

“No darlin', this shouldn't be work. I wake up every day, and I make a choice. I choose to love you, every day. Loving you isn't work."

I was back an forth with wanting to smack and hug these guys this time around, thankfully things worked out for the best and loyal fans can kick back and wait patiently to see whats next.

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