Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review: SINdicate

SINdicate SINdicate by Marie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marie James is a new to me author but I'll definitely be checking out her back list after reading this one.
SINdicate is BT Urruela fan fiction. That's what caught my interest initially, from what we see he's an amazing person who's overcome so much personally and continues to give back, who wouldn't want to read something loosely based on him?

BT Urruela is an Army vet, personal trainer and is taking acting classes. That's where he meets Aviana. He's attracted to her and thinks maybe they could have something.
They have one date and things don't go as planned leaving Aviana rushing home and not returning BT's texts.
Acting was never her dream but she does whatever she can to get ahead. Barely making ends meet she tries to keep to herself. Having a horrible upbringing and serious trust issues with the opposite sex cause her to try to hide in plain sight, as much as is possible anyway.
Think that's as bad as it gets?
You'd be wrong.
Aviana is kidnapped for her father's sins and will be put to work in a job that is the worst case imaginable for her.
Meanwhile BT realizes the object of his desire is missing and takes on the job of saving her.

I loved the fact that this story followed what my brain pictures BT Urruela to be. A gentleman who strives to do the right thing in all situations. Who would go above and beyond for those he cares about.

Being able to picture him as the main character was pretty amazing, we all have pictures in our heads of the characters as we read stories, sometimes the covers don't match the character description and you create your own picture. In this case, anyone who follows BT on any social media site would be completely comfortable with his character, never doubt his intentions and know that in the end he was bound to right the wrongs.
4.5 stars

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