Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: Crave Me

Crave Me Crave Me by M. Robinson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Spoiler alert- if you haven't read the book don't read this review as you will find things about this story the blurb doesn't tell you!!

I'm not sure if personal experience ruined this for me or just the fact that each chapter seemed to repeat the previous one. I lived with an addict and have watched someone I loved go from boy next door to someone who can't function without snorting a line before his feet hit the floor in the morning, someone who looks nothing like the man you fell in love with and acts like a stranger. I lived it, I made my choices and did what I thought was best. That's where I could not connect with Briggs at all, having been there I know what I'd do, she just pissed me off.

I'm one of the few it appears that didn't love this book.
I've read this author before and enjoyed her work but this one I just could not get into.
I understand the story line of addiction has it's ups and downs, that an addict will fall and pick themselves back up sometimes multiple times, but to me the story moved really slow and was quite repetitive.
At first I just couldn't get into the story, I put the book down and came back to it later. The further in I got the more I realized this book just wasn't doing it for me. Austin honestly made me want to beat him to death on numerous occasions, the whole "I love you" every time I screw up thing doesn't work after awhile, and ten years of it was just too much for me.
And Briggs. Hardcore, hard hearted, but weak as a newborn babe when it came to Austin.
Honestly the baby part would have had me finished with him but she still kept enabling, kept hoping things would change without really forcing them to. The fact that she didn't love herself enough to get out drove me nuts.
I get that she loved him but if you love someone that much GET THEM HELP.

Three stars is the best I can do, I honestly did not feel connected to the characters. The repetitiveness of the story made it seem too drawn out and Austin & Brigg's story probably could have held my attention more and easily been told in under 300 pages instead of 428.

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