Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: Just Once

Just Once Just Once by Rebecca Brooke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just Once is my first book by the author. Letters Home is the first in this series and I did not read it before this one but I will be going back and reading it asap.

Colin & Joey meet one night at a bar. Both expecting a one night only situation, they both find themselves wishing for more.
But they both emitted important details.
He's an Army Ranger and she a pilot.

Colin wants what his friends Tanner & Danielle have, he wants that one person he can build a life with. Even though he thinks he could have more with Joey he realizes it's not fair to try to start a relationship with her only to leave in a few weeks for three months so he walks away.

Once he's back overseas he's in for a huge surprise. Then again so if Joey when they come face to face. Initially their both shocked but they decide to use their time together to get to know each other, to see if there's more than sexual chemistry between them.
Colin & Joey are made for each other, they are so freaking perfectly matched and that thing that's missing in the others life.
Then tragedy strikes and they are both wounded. Colin's much more severe.
When faced with the possibility of never returning to the job he loves Colin goes off the deep end. He pushes everyone away and crawls inside his head.
His head is a whole other problem. He's struggling with more than the physical injuries and needs help but he refuses to get it.

When the man you love turns into someone you don't no. When he pushes and pushes and hurts everyone close to him, is Joey strong enough to fight him, to fight for him or will his anger be too much for her to take?

As I said this is my first book by Rebecca Brooke, but I've fallen for her characters and writing. I love finding a new to me author who makes you run and read all of the blurbs from their back list and add even more books to your TBR. I'm definitely going to read the first book in this series as well as a few others, and hope to see more in this series soon. There are more guys on the teams stories I'd really like to read!

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