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BRAWLER BRAWLER by Scott Hildreth
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I wondered if this would ever happen an honestly I didn't expect it, never thought I would see the day Scott Hildreth could make me tear up.
I have never, ever cried while reading a Scott Hildreth book. I have never yelled at him either.

Until Brawler.

Y'all who are Hildreth fans or addicts are used to the sexy, tattooed, bulky as hell boxers in these books. Well, your about to meet the female equivalent of Shane Dekkar.
Jaz is a Badass, yes with a capital B. She had a rough start, is down on her luck living paycheck to paycheck. But thanks to a chance meeting and Mike Ripton (yay!!) she's got a chance at something she worked hard for as a teen.
When Ethan & Ripp see a chick stomp the ever loving hell out of a guy trying to steal her bag their intrigued, with a cup of coffee an a few questions she's headed to the gym to see if she's got what it takes.
Once Ripp sees her fight he agrees to train her. Jaz is thrilled at the chance to get back in the ring and of course jumps at the opportunity.
Meanwhile she's got her eye on another boxer, the sexy Ethan who seems to avoid her.
He's different than the boxers of the Un series, he's quiet and doesn't really have major issues, he's got beef with his dad but otherwise he's a pretty laid back, boy next door kinda guy.
If the boy next door was built like a God, hung like a horse and had a heart of gold.

So Jaz is fighting, she's winning, and she's working her magic on Ethan.
They get closer, her career starts to take off and finally Ethan has a shot as well. Things are headed in the right direction for everyone.

Then comes Tiny.

This is the point that I teared up.

First time ever I have cursed Scott Hildreth while reading a book, damn you for making me cry and making me want to scream at you because you totally effed up the happy little world in my head.

And then there's the father. I wish Kelsey had beat him down for the crap he tried to do to Ethan. Yes I know your all confused right now, no spoilers, just know you will want to hurt this man too!!
That was the second horrific thing to happen in this book but luckily things don't end there.
Brawler is a stand alone, HEA with no cliffhanger.

I absolutely loved this book. I laughed, I got angry, I cried (just a little bit).
I think my favorite part was Mike telling Ethan about head stepping, I was smiling from ear to ear at the mention of something that brought back earlier books.

The female boxer is a different take than what I usually read but I have to say Jaz is so effing amazing. She's strong an not just physically, she's the model of what I love in my book heroines. A take no crap woman who's still feminine enough, can ask for help when needed and to be an equal in her relationships.

I know I said it already but I truly adore this story, bringing in so many old characters just made it complete. Even though Alec was only there for a minute I was thrilled to see his name too.
It's great when a blurb gets you so excited to read a book and then the story follows up and doesn't let you down, that keeps you turning the pages an daring anyone around you to speak to you and disrupt your reading. Brawler is that book, not that I expected any less given the author.

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