Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review: Adam's Obsession

Adam's Obsession Adam's Obsession by Sabrina York
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interoffice relationships are not permitted.
There are good reasons for it, namely not losing one of your best employees when things don't work out, but for Adam Trillo that's not an option.

Adam's been burned and in order to prevent that from happening to him again he has online relationships, well he has online encounters not really relationships.
He's dominant to the core and loves spending time with his newest online friend Kat.
To her he's Savage, dominant male who she can let her inner self out to.
A man she can safely show her wants and needs without being laughed at.
A man who's willing to make every one of her secret desires a reality for her, virtually that is. Meeting her was never an option.

Katherine is quiet, reserved even.
She sits in her office everyday with her hair wound tightly into a bun, in clothing that covers her completely leaving her coworkers to refer to her as ice queen and even question her sexuality.
She sits in her glass office directly across from the man she lusts after, Adam Trillo.
The man who also happens to be one of her bosses.
Knowing he's never going to look at her the way she wishes he would, she spends her days trying to ignore him and her nights picturing her online lover as Adam.

Little does she know how very close she is to the truth.
When Adam figures out his wild online girl Kat is actually his buttoned up coworker Katherine he makes it his mission to get her to open up and to get her into his bed in reality.

Katherine has a history with bosses and refuses to jeopardize her job over jumping into bed with her boss but he's got other ideas and he's not going to give up.
When faced with a situation that could take everything she's worked for away what will Katherine do?

Adam's Obsession is HOT. There's plenty of steamy sexy times as well as a little romance, a touch of trust issues and a whole lot of alpha male!
Kat was easy to connect with, while being a strong woman she was a little repressed.
Adam was cocky yet not the typical man whore you would expect of a sexy, professional man who could have his choice of women in his bed.
That and his alpha personality are the main characteristics that drew me to him. He like Katherine, allowed his past to dictate his present, until someone came along that would no longer allow them to hide behind past hurts.

I'm looking forward to what comes next for this series, Adam's Obsession hooked me in the first few chapters and I could not put it down. I devoured this book in one day.
4 stars.

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