Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Tru Blue

Tru Blue Tru Blue by Melissa Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Truman Gritt is all of those things an more. Ladies grab a cold drink and hang on to those ovaries because this man is going to make you swoon.
Brought up with a drug addict for a mother he was his younger brothers protector.
One night he gives up everything to protect him.
Years later he's starting over when his brother calls him.
A call that will change not only his life but four others.

Gemma Wright was raised with everything a girl could want.
Everything but love, affection, the respect for and of her parents.
Despite being handled by nannies and security her entire life, she managed to step away from the lifestyle and make something for herself.
She's a small business owner and only has to face her mother once a year.

Upon meeting Truman she's immediately drawn to him, even though she's a bit suspicious.
Once they get to know each other and their relationship progresses Truman has one secret he's never told Gemma and it's a huge one.
One that he refuses to ever tell for good reason, but once it comes out it could make or break everything he's worked for.

I'm not sure I could have loved Truman more. He's the flawed hero, he's the protector of those who can't protect themselves, of those he loves. He's strong, he takes on what most wouldn't and makes it work. And he finds a way to open his heart.
These two could easily be my favorite couple of the year, they are just too amazing together.
I loved that Gemma was realistic. She thought things through and made wise decisions for all involved. Intelligent with a heart of gold, she's the perfect match for Truman.

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