Sunday, January 1, 2017

Review: Safe Mode

Safe Mode Safe Mode by Becky McGraw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do I love all the guys in this series, why of course I do.
Did Safe Mode make me forget all about them and fall head over heels for Dex? Well hell yes it did.
Computer nerd, brainiac, geek. He's all those and more but he's also protective, sexy as hell and has a heart any woman would love to hold captive.

Dexter gave up everything when he chose to do the right thing in his career.
His life changed, his name changed and though he regretted what he'd lost he knew it was all done for the right reasons.
When he crosses paths with the only woman he ever truly cared for and has to save her from a dangerous Dom his life as he knows it.

Grace is trying to find her sister and bring her home. She's been taking care of her niece while her sister runs off doing whatever. After tracking her online to a BDSM resort she knows the only way to get her sister home is to go in as a submissive. What she doesn't realize is that things aren't as on the up an up as they seem.
When she finds herself in too deep a blast from the past comes to her rescue.
But he's changed. He's not the boy she used to know and he goes by another name.
She doesn't realize the can of worms she's opened by giving his real name to the police but she's about to find out.

Dexter did the right thing, he saved the girl and now that could unravel everything he's worked for. Everyone he tried to protect is now at risk and he may lose his job.

Deep Six, Dexter and Grace are all at risk and have to work together for the end goal, but just what does the end mean for Dex?

Love, love LOVED this book. Dexter is my new favorite Deep Six guy an I'm pretty sure nobody will take his place anytime soon. Loved the chemistry between he and Grace as well as his need to protect. He's simply amazing!

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