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If your a fan of friends to lovers, second chance romance or porn stars then your in luck. Exrated has all three!!
I'm a huge sucker for second chances, and friends to lovers is in my top five along with an author is quickly becoming one of my favorites made for a great read.

Tyler and Jemma have know each other forever. Meeting as young children they quickly became best friends.
In high school that changed to lovers.
And then it was over.
Tyler was gone.
Jemma was heartbroken.

A few years later Jemma loses her job on a children's show thanks to a little something her ex had that somehow went public.
Out of a job and desperate she accepts a job as assistant to a porn producer.
Little does she know she's about to come face to face with Johnny Depth.
Also known as Tyler Westbrook.
Ex boyfriend, lover, best friend, other half of her heart.

Now here's where it gets a bit tricky, Jemma and Tyler hooked up when they ran into each other, only he didn't quite get to explain his current profession to her.

Seeing an ex after a few years can shake anyone up but imagine seeing that person being while he's screwing another chick on camera.
Yea, I'm pretty sure I'd lose my job due to my inability to stop laughing at the situation, your ex is a porn star and your in the same room during filming? Can it get any more messed up than that?

Apparently it can.

Tyler has never forgotten Jemma, he loves her and wants her in his life.
Jemma on the other hand is in serious denial. Instead of I do or I don't love Tyler it's how could I love someone who screws women on film for money?
Thing is it's not like Jemma is as pure as the driven snow, nope, she's got a sketchy past that should give her a little insight into Tyler.
But she's a stubborn wench. I get the whole don't wanna date a porn star but if you love someone as much as these two love each other, someone you haven't been with in years but your heart has never forgotten or allowed you to move on to anyone else, that means something. So I found myself yelling at Jemma on quite a few occasions. I'm all for the strong heroine, but she just ticked me off a few times. Do not be so self righteous little BJ queen!
Inappropriate? Maybe, but totally suits this her.

So now that these two people who have loved each other forever have found each other, reconnected but have some serious issues to overcome.
One of the two are willing to work a little harder, fight a little more and push to get what they want. But it takes two.

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