Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Hetch

Hetch Hetch by River Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I may have a slight addiction to all things River Savage.
It started with Incandescent and I was immediately hooked.
From then on if it had Knights Rebels or River's name on it I had to own it.
So when I saw a new series was coming, Men of S.W.A.T, it was never a question whether I'd read it or not.
Hetch is book one of a different series, I'm used to the MC but this was a refreshing change. We have another close group of men, brothers really who have each others back at all costs, only these men are SWAT not bikers.

Hetch made me laugh and cry, occasionally I was borderline tempted to want to smack him but he always held just to the safe side of the fine line between saving himself and being an asshole.
He's experienced a trauma no one should have to go through and he has a stressful job. So when these things begin to be too much for him he turns to alcohol. Alcohol an one night stands to be exact.
Don't get me wrong, Hetch is not a full on alcoholic, he just has bad days from time to time and drowns it all out with alcohol.
Then he meets his new neighbor. Well through his late night activities that is.
She's not impressed with him, not in the least. She knows about the string of women who grace his bed nightly since she can hear every freaking sigh through her paper thin walls.
Liberty is starting over. Single and on a hiatus from men. No sex for six months is what she said, but vibrators don't count do they?
Once her jerk neighbor makes it known that he can hear her and her vibrator she's shocked and embarrassed, but she's also pissed. This man is listening to her through their shared wall, who does that?
Then by chance they meet and are headed for a hookup until the reality of who he is hits her.
Great brakes Liberty!!
As hot as Hetch is I'm not sure even knowing he was the neighborhood manwhore would have stopped me, but she manages to put an end to their almost mistake and heads home.

This is not the end for them. He needs to get her out of his head an she's in the same boat.
It's going to happen, it's just a matter or when.

The heat factor is off the charts. Hetch is dirty, sexy and knows what he wants.
Liberty has no chance against this man, he wakes up parts of her she never knew existed. Now that she's experienced this how can she ever go back to not having it?

Hetch has something for everyone, it's hot as hell but full of so much emotion it will take you for a hell of a ride. You'll root for the hero & heroine and you'll want to curse their behavior at times and by the end you will be wishing you had read a bit slower so it wouldn't end.

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