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Review: Jack & Coke

Jack & Coke Jack & Coke by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of Lani's work, if she writes it I will buy it, probably without reading the blurb!
Jack & Coke is book 2 in the Uncertain Saint's series and while it can be read as a standalone I'd highly recommend reading this and any of her series in order.
Mig's story was heart breaking and made me want to hurt a skank, I can't say I've ever wanted to see someone hit a pregnant woman and I do not condone violence against women but I'm certain had someone slapped this crap outta his wife I would have had a hard time not smiling like I was watching Magic Mike live.
Jennifer is his vindictive wife, who happens to be carrying his baby.
This b**ch was something else, the horrific things she did and put Mig through to get herself attached to him were bad enough but then she had to mess with Annie on top of all that.
Nope, not telling you what she did, just know that this whore has to be the worst of the worst.
Mig did what he thought was right in order to get the only thing he wants from Jennifer, his baby.
While he's trapped in a loveless marriage he falls for someone else, someone who lives next door to him and is an easy target for Jennifer to spew her evil at.

Annie's recently divorced from a real prick. She's got her business and her friends, as well as a crush on her next door neighbor. A neighbor she has no right drooling over since he's a married man.
(I have no tolerance for cheating spouses but that's not how this goes down so relax!!)
Annie's got problems she doesn't know about until Mig shows up to protect her, and once his protective instincts kick in you may as well sit down an hang on for the ride because he's not backing down.
Luckily for Annie he's that kind of man, otherwise she may have lost her life.
But it also brings Mig to the realization that he can never be the man for Annie, even without Jennifer in the picture his life is just too dangerous to involve her in so he backs away.

Two hard headed people butt heads more than once, both for what they want and fighting against it. I loved them both even though I did want to smack some sense into Mig a time or two!
Jack & Coke is another great read from one of my favorite authors.

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