Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: That One Day

That One Day That One Day by Josie Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That One Day is the second book in the That One series, this one being told from Ben's POV. I was thrilled to get to see things from his side, while I loved That One Night this one gives the reader more insight into Ben's thought process through everything.

Ben I loved from the beginning, even when I kind of wanted to despise him I found I couldn't.
He had some serious issues to overcome and while he handled it in a different way than I thought he should, he managed to come to terms with everything and make his way back to his friends.
Frankie I adored. She's strong, everything I love in a heroine. She was dealing with a ton on her own as well, thankfully she had great friends to help her and Archer when her family wanted to simply put her down and make her miserable.
She's amazing, a great mom and friend, always putting her child first even when it causes her total misery. I understood where she was coming when handling Ben, as much as I wanted her to jump in his arms an forgive him for everything, beg him to be a family with her and Archer I applaud her ability to keep him at arms length while making certain he was what's best for Archer and then herself.
4.5 stars.

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