Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: Finding God in Hope

Finding God in Hope Finding God in Hope by Kristal McKerrington
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Finding God in Hope is the story of a man who loses the love of his life and begins to question his religion.
Matthew comes from a family with a strong belief in God, their religion guides every aspect of their life so when he loses his wife Julia he is lost. He has a long, painful road ahead of him in order to survive losing her and learning that his life is not over, that he can live and love again without her.
Hope is the girl from his past, he chose Julia over her an though he has always felt bad about how it happened he never regretted marrying Julia.
Now Hope is back in his life trying to help him cope but Matthew doesn't hear anyone else, he's too far into his own grief yet to take anyone's advice.
Through his brother he begins to see that only a chapter of his story has ended, not his entire book. Through faith, prayer and his brother he manages to get his life back on track. It's a lonely life on his own but he is surviving, it will take him letting Hope in to truly start living again.

Finding God in Hope is unlike any of the authors books I've read before but is probably one of my favorites. Love, loss, forgiveness and a strong sense of faith are just some of the high points of this story, I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew's story from beginning to end, his story is real to life, it could happen to any one of us and the fact that it was so realistic just adds to my adoration of this book.

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