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Release Blitz - My Lucky Days by SD Hendrickson

Title: My Lucky Days
Author: SD Hendrickson
Genre: Adult/Coming of Age/Contemporary Romance
(with sets of original song lyrics)
 Release Date: September 20, 2016


He was an up-and-coming country singer. 

She was the last girl you’d ever see in a bar. 
But one night, under those neon lights,
Lucky and Katie found each other. 

Beginnings are always exciting. 
Always fun. Always hopeful. 

Katie was in her last year of college. 
Lucky was still playing local stages. 
She fell for his voice. She fell for his words. 
They fell in love.
It was beautiful. 

But time changed their world. 
She was alone. He was on the road. 
Life happened. 
And that love was torn apart. 

Endings are always painful. 
Always heart wrenching. 
But not always final. 

One day, Lucky came back to Katie. 
And this is their story.

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I woke up sometime later to the sound of my phone buzzing next to me. Peering at the screen, I saw Lucky’s name. I answered with a grin. “Hey.”


I imagined him sitting in his house in Nashville with his sexy smile and messy hair. And that image was better than all the other images I’d had today.

“Did I wake you up?”

“No, I’m watching TV. Well, I kind of fell asleep in here, I guess.” I glanced at the clock, and it said one-thirty in the morning.

“So you are sleeping on the couch instead of out with your roommates?”

“How do you know they aren’t home?”

I heard his chuckle. “Same reason I know you are wrapped in a brown blanket.”

I jumped up from the couch and spun around in a circle. And then I saw Lucky, looking into the house through the dining room window. The rush I felt was bigger than I expected. A high that drowned out all the other feelings. “How long have you been watching me?”

“Well, long enough to see that you probably snore because your mouth was wide open. And I think you drool too.”

“No . . .” I shut my eyes. “Get in here.”

I hung up and went to the door. He was already on the steps by the time I had it open.

“So I was in the neighborhood.” He grinned. “Thought I would stop by.”

The flutters in my chest held me captive. Lucky might be the star, but right now, I felt like all the lights in the world had shifted their focus onto me.

Before I could say a word, Lucky pulled me into his arms as he kissed me hard, grinding his mouth against mine. He was holding me, running his hands over my body, into my hair, against my cheek.

I knew in that moment, the inevitable lonely ache that was destined to follow our relationship would be worth the torment—if those days allowed me to experience this mind-consuming rush of happiness that came each time he returned home.

So since I love country music, this was obviously a book I was going to read and fall in love with. I wasn't quite prepared for how much I fell in love with it. Every part had me either swooning or cheering. I loved how the author would tie in a particular country song into the chapter ,whether it be by dancing to it or just singing it.
Lucky and Katie had a whirlwind romance until something happened.. Decisions were made that I didn't with but it worked out in the end. I loved every minute of their love. I loved how determined Lucky was to make it and bring Katie along as well. Things didn't quite go as planned but he was able to make a name for himself. I seriously want to read this book over and over. It has the sweet factor that makes your teeth hurt. Besides Lucky and Katie, you somehow managed to fall in love with all the secondary characters as well or at least I did. This book was such a joy to read. Lucky and Katie are wonderful character who share the ups and downs throughout their beautiful romance. Part of me wants to find a country singer, so that he can sing me songs each night and make me fall in love with him.

5 stars
Author Bio

SD Hendrickson received a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from Oklahoma State University. She lives in Tulsa with her husband and two schnauzers. Currently, her days are spent teaching computer software to oil and gas companies. The Mason List was her first novel and it was a 2015 Goodreads Choice Award Semi- Finalist for Best Debut Author. 

She loves chocolate, romance books, Oklahoma State Cowboys, music, Lost, chocolate, beaches, coffee, cooking, Gilmore Girls, beautiful sunsets, Friends, chocolate, sad puppy stories, concerts, dreaming of Australia, The Walking Dead, guacamole, quotes, Netflixs binge-watching, Dawson’s Creek, chocolate, hot tubs, exotic animal rescues, Friday Night Lights, writing, and of course, chocolate. 

Other books:
The Mason List
Waiting for Wyatt

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