Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Stone

Stone Stone by Kathy Coopmans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stone is book 3 in the Elite Forces series. I highly recommend reading this series from the beginning and in order. Each could be read as a standalone but there's so much character development you would miss out on, just grab them all an start at the beginning!!

I had been waiting for Captain Beau Harris' aka Stone's story.
I had no clue how devastating it would be.
This man has lost everything.
Everything that meant anything to him, that gave him reason to live.
It's all gone.
Six months later he's still grieving when Emmy walks into his life.
She's Kaleb's sister and has given Beau no reason to hate her other than the fact that he hates everything at the moment.
He knows he shouldn't treat her badly but can't help himself. He's broken and makes no apologies until Emmy.
Now he finds himself having to apologize for every other thing he says to her.
But Emmy's got patience. She knows he's in hell and gives him the benefit of the doubt.
She tolerates his crap and against his wishes is there by his side whenever he needs someone.
Emmy's got a mind of her own regardless of what her brother may think. She knows what she's doing with Beau and understands that he's got nothing left to give, or at least he believes it. Emmy befriends him and lifts that dark curtain that he's been hiding behind, showing him that it's okay to live.
Just when Beau and Emmy seem to be making progress he comes face to face with the man who took his soul.
When he's done fighting his demons will there be anything left of the man Emmy knows?

Ughh I wanted to cry for Beau, the twist to his story I never saw coming is heart wrenching. The way he deals with it is as well. Emmy, poor girl, it's a good think she's patient because I think she's got a long road ahead of her with him. Hopefully there are plenty of updates on him throughout the rest of this series, I'm not sure if he's going to be the survivor I'm left hoping he is.

This story isn't really a HEA, it's a I'm trying to survive one day at a time kind of thing. There's no real resolution between hero and heroine and that's what makes this book different and frustrating at the same time. I've gotten too accustomed to either they lived happily ever after or they split an moved on, this is neither and it literally is driving me crazy that this is the end!
Loved this series from book one, I've been a fan of both authors and was thrilled when they announced they would be co-authoring a series. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this series.
4.5 stars

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