Friday, September 30, 2016

Review: Midnight Scent

Midnight Scent Midnight Scent by Dori Lavelle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Midnight Scent is the story of a relatively naive college student who escaped the life her mother forced on her and is trying to make a life for herself away from the cameras.
Upon moving into her new dorm she finds a stack of love letters left behind by the previous tenant and decides to read them.
It doesn't take her roommate long to find out the author of those letters is a former professor who is in prison accused of murder.
At first they are super hot, seemingly to a woman who shares a great love with the writer, until they become darker, threatening.
And somehow a 23 year old woman who's been a model so she's bound to be used to crazy stalker types, is naive enough to think this guys harmless, so even though his letters are creepy AF decides to go see him in jail.
Sound like she's lacking a few brain cells to you? It sure did to me.
And what did that get her? A cliffhanger ending that you knew had to be coming though some aspects were shocking others you just knew had to happen at some point.
I'm not sure if I can call this a dark or psychological romance due to the lack of any real romance, it's definitely more creepy than romantic.
You could see crazy-stalker-psychopath written all over JD, I couldn't connect with Ivy once she basically turned a blind eye to all the crazy that was both written and spoken.

The blurb hooked me instantly, the first chapters were really good, but for me the characters lacked any real chemistry. Maybe their relationship was rushed or maybe I can't get on board with this adult woman not missing all the signs but choosing to ignore them or just be railroaded. Her lack of ability to stand up for herself or make decisions to keep herself safe irked me.
I've made it this far so I'm hoping that Amour Toxique #2 redeems this series and Ivy. That it gives me a character I can connect with, a story line that does not feel quite so rushed giving me that little something I need to hook me.
3.5 stars.

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