Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Nitro's Torment

Nitro's Torment Nitro's Torment by Nina Levine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my, I just finished this book this morning and wow. I mean I'm without a doubt a Nina Levine addict but Nitro's Torment blew me away.
Where to begin, okay Tatum Lee. She's everything I love in a heroine, she's strong yet feminine, independent and stubborn, self sufficient but a little broken.
She's set in her ways and refuses to let anyone in, but sometimes there's no stopping a freight train when it's coming for you!

And Nitro, sexy, sweet, stubborn, bossy, big bad biker with a heart of gold. He protects those he loves, he's loyal to a fault, he's also a bit of a prick but that just adds to his appeal. Underneath that rough, tough exterior lies a good man, amazing man (good doesn't do him justice!!) who's been beaten and broken but it didn't destroy him.

They both have demons but when his come out to play everyone he loves is at risk.
Nitro alone may not be able to battle his demons, it may just take an army to save him from them.

I am literally bouncing in my chair as I write this, I know I'm not doing this book justice, this may be my new favorite and that's saying something considering my adoration for the Storm Series. Nitro just ran away with my heart early on, his love for his family and his need to protect hooked me! I don't think I could have loved this book more, 5 stars and then some!!

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