Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: Teach Me Like That

Teach Me Like That Teach Me Like That by Marie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lexi's a good girl, the girl next door. She's a teacher at a private school who tries hard to please everyone. She works for a twisted sleaze whom shall not be named who lives to make her miserable.

Kegan is all kinds of sexy. He runs the family construction company and refuses to settle down.
He's happy having a string of one nighter's with no expectations and where everyone walks away happy.
When he has to help his brother out with his kids by taking them to school he's immediately drawn to their sweet little teacher. He hits on her she flat out turns him down.
A woman saying no is pretty unusual for him, now he's more intrigued.

Lexi may be attracted to Kegan but the school has a no fraternization policy, she can't afford to lose her job over a man so she tries her best to ignore him. Until she can't.
With everything she's worked for at risk is Kegan worth it?

I loved Kegan, even though he's basically a manwhore you can't help but love him. An Lexi, that poor girl really needed to punch her boss in the face, drop her fake ass right where she stood (I'm pretty sure she'd have felt better) but in the end she got hers. Teach Me Like That is well written and kept me engaged from the beginning to end. 4.5 stars

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