Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Neighbors

Neighbors Neighbors by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where to begin.....
This book floored me. I was NOT in any way ready for the ending but I knew there had to be more to this story knowing this author the closer I got to the end.
I finished last night but in no way was in any shape to try to form coherent sentences let alone write this review!!
Neighbors is the story of a sweet, innocent girl who decides (with the help of her roomate) to expand her horizons.
Setting up an online dating profile seems innocent enough, until her roommate Tori changes it up and she finds herself inundated with replies that are much filthier than what she expected. Glancing at her profile she sees why.

Lucky for her she doesn't really need to keep that profile up considering her neighbor Liam saw the profile and recognized her. He makes sure they run into each other and asks her out.
At first she's put off but agrees to go to The Garden, a sex club Liam owns.
Once there she really lets go!
Liam doesn't push but allows the wide eyed innocent to guide him.
The things she does with him would make a sober Katya blush but with a few shots she drops her inhibitions just enough to take a shot an see what she's been missing.

Her next day at work in walks her childhood crush.
This mad ignores her, seems to not recognize her and treats her like dirt on his shoe. Sending his assistant back with a card and a time she assumes it's a business meeting.
She's wrong.

Two men.
One man wants her heart, the other her soul.
One wants to love her the other own her.
Katya is lost, she doesn't want to hurt anyone but sees the one person getting hurt the most to be herself.
She finally mans up an decides it's time to tell each man what she's feeling and that's when a bomb drops.
Full on nuke.
Lives destroyed kind of thing.

This book, I still cannot get over the way it went down. I love Stylo Fantome and knew there had to be a twist somewhere but I so never saw this coming.
Neighbors is hot, dirty, sweet, sexy, dark, twisted and based on lies and secrets.
It's heat level is off the charts.
I was sucked in from the first chapter, the author wound me around her little finger and had me believing in happily ever after even if it wasn't the man I was rooting for.
Then she drop kicked me.
Tossed me on my ass and left me dazed and confused.
What in the hell did I just read?
A book that had me anxiously turning pages, waiting for a resolution only to give me one that I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

5 stars

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