Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: Melting Steel

Melting Steel Melting Steel by C.M. Seabrook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first book by the author and she's just found a new fan!!

Melting Steel is a fairly quick read, the story is fast paced keeping you engaged and turning pages until the very end!
As a child Henry meets a bruised and crying Keeley in the woods, giving her his knight's sword he vows to protect her. He calms her until her mother calls her to leave.

Fast forward 20 years.

Keeley tries to ignore the stuffy, cocky Adonis in the bar. She knows his type and it's the exact opposite of what she needs.
But when things go bad he's there to save the day and offer her a safe place.
As she gets to know Henry she realizes there's more to him than the suit and money, there's a man with a heart and the ability to chase away all her demons.
Keeley tries to walk away before she loses her heart only to find more trouble
Henry might just get his chance to keep the promise he made to a crying girl all those years ago.

I loved Henry, his need to protect immediately drew me to him and his refusal to give up made me adore him. Melting Steel is a solid 4.5 stars. I now need to go read the authors blacklist and see what else I've been missing.

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