Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review: Rookie Love

Rookie Love Rookie Love by Skye Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jace Stevens has it all planned out, he'll get a major league contract and move get to live out his dream of being a professional baseball player.
Until he makes a stupid decision one night and it puts everything he's worked for in jeopardy.

Cally Cooper is a hometown girl, rooted in her little town rescuing animals.
She now runs the family business and prides herself in giving these animals a new life with people who love them. She has no time for relationships since her work takes up most of her time.

When Jace Stevens decides her shelter is the place to do his community service Cally is anything but happy. She'll do as she's told and she'll try to be polite as she was told to but it won't be easy.
Expecting a cocky jock to show up and basically be in the way and no help at all she's ready when he walks through the door with an attitude.
Jace has no clue what he did to earn her ire but he'll figure it out.

When Cally gets to know the real Jace she realizes she made a mistake, he's not your typical cocky jerk. She feels her walls coming down, but what good would it do to let him in when his dream will take him away from the place she'll never leave?

Cally & Jace's story is sweet. It's so real, people who have to learn to compromise which is a must in any relationship. Two people who are willing to work hard, to communicate and do their best to make things work. I thoroughly enjoyed Rookie Love though I'm not usually a huge sports reader I adore the author and that was enough for me to give this one a shot.
4.5 sweet stars

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